There’s a lot of talk about things that impact us as womxn in creative industries. But what we need more of is talk backed by action. And that’s what we do.

More Talk. More Action.



We are a network for and [mainly] of womxn* in creative industries. We exist to turn talk into action. We help break down barriers, share ideas, stories and resources, and build community that will help us all grow personally and professionally.


You identify as a driven, high-achieving womxn* who is established in your career within a creative or communications industry working towards the next level personally and professionally, and wants to help other womxn like you succeed.

*We are LGBTQ inclusive, and while you'll find some of our space is a "no boys" zone, many of our activities, events and channels are inclusive of all.


We'll be talking to the people who inspire us about what they do and what it took for them to get where they are, with a goal of exciting dialog around the topics discussed and turning that dialog into actions we can take to improve things around us. We offer thought-provoking and empowering conversation around current topics, trends and issues through the lens of "how does this relate to me as a professional womxn in a creative industry?" 

And while we do publish our own content and offer conversation starters, we are not a one-way broadcast. We are an information exchange platform that invites you to help shape the conversation, engage in our events, interact with our content, express your thoughts to the community, ask questions, make connections, share your stories, learn and teach others. Most of all, we foster a fun, and positive environment where you feel comfortable being yourself and engaging openly no matter what the topic.