5 Self Defense Tactics to Start Using Today

Interview with Sensei Ameila Sheftall

By Ashley Davidson

Following our recent Find Your Fearlessness Self Defense Class in NYC, we put together a few key takeaways with our self-defense instructor, Amelia. A survivor of a violent attack, Amelia teaches karate and self-defense to kids in NYC’s public schools and offers self-defense training for adults. We can’t thank her enough for leading us in a workshop and sharing her knowledge with us!

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TBE Member Spotlight: Lydia Davies

Film/TV/Trailer Composer and Singer/Songwriter • Melbourne AU

By: Ashley Davidson

Have you ever considered what goes into making the music for a movie trailer? You know: the music that has to both capture the story and sell the film in approximately 2.5 minutes? (No big deal.)

We had a chance to talk to a renowned Aussie composer, Lydia Davies, who wrote trailer scores for films like Wonder Womand and Beauty and the Beast. And we realized just how much there is to know about the field of composition and how few women work in it. So we wanted to get the full scoop on life as a lady composer from Lydia herself.

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Interview with Broad Exchange Co-Founder, Jen Hays

By Emma Banks.
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Emma Banks of Milk.xys attended our "I RESOLVE" event and spent some time digging into where the concept originated, how The Broad Exchange community helped shape it, and where we're headed next with our events and programming. Here’s her interview with co-founder of The Broad Exchange, Jen Hays.

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The Four Founders and Why We're Here

All four of us have benefited from the inspiration, guidance and friendship of other women in our industries. We've learned from each other's experiences and stories and are collectively and individually stronger for it. With that in mind, The Broad Exchange is a place where our collective experiences can be shared through stories and conversation, and we are excited to open the conversation up to other high-achieving, driven, and motivated women in creative industries around the world. We look forward to sharing more of our stories soon, but for now here is a little bit about each of us...

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