The Broad Exchange curates events to align with current topics and issues that impact how we as female-identifying people navigate creative industries that weren't originally designed for our success. Each event is designed to help us activate each other to grow and create positive impact for ourselves and those around us.

Our hope is that through inclusive community interaction we can respond to biases, perspectives and behaviors that stand to hold us back from finding growth and success. And as a result we’ll make strides towards achieving a world of diversity and fully realized potential for all genders.


Events we offer:

Workshops and Special Projects

I Resolve…

Panels & Talks

  • Not just another MeToo talk

  • money (cindy gallop)

  • fabricated female (gretchen van carlson)



Member Reels

Private classes

  • Self defense

  • Sommelier/wine-tasting



Holiday Parties - celebrating creativity

  • Pre-Party

  • Holiday Design Market

Dinner Talks

private chef and at restaurant (no great photos)

Cocktails/Coffee Networking

member hosted and at bars (no great photos)