I RESOLVE is a collective response to the energy and public discourse that marked 2017 – a year when the loudest, and often most bellicose voices, competed for airtime and left many both exhausted, sharply divided and ready for a new way to communicate. One that will help bridge gaps with understanding and compassion, and most of all – with resolve

The project launched with an event-based activation where attendees were invited to take place in a workshop designed by Ashley Davidson to help them to explore how each could use their influence, connections, backgrounds and skills to better understand one another, mend the schisms impacting our society and make a positive impact. The goal was to identify an achievable action we each could take to work towards that end. This action became a personal statement of RESOLVE that was then committed to paper to be carried out in the days to come.

“Resolve is an earnest commitment; it’s also the settling of conflict. As high-achieving and creative women, we’re good at doing both. And when we embrace ourselves as a whole – strong, fierce and compassionate – we can be truly powerful."

From Jen Hays, CoFounder of The Broad Exchange



Following the workshop, each participant was invited to be part of a film shot by Keziban Barry to document everyone's RESOLVE (coming soon!) as well as a portrait by photographer Subodh Samudre to capture the energy of their RESOLVE – both designed to help the participant keep momentum going after the event. The set, put forward by Samudre and his team, used clear quartz crystals to amplify each person's intention and create a visual radiance that symbolizes the power that individual is projecting into the environment around them.

When shared, these photos also offer a way to communicate the pure power of RESOLVE with the world around the subject and garner support and accountability to help bring their intention into fruition.

Re-entering the workplace, is a fleet of women with intentions set to create a positive impact NOW. Together, we RESOLVE to demonstrate that standing up for what you believe while also being vulnerable is achievable. We RESOLVE to influence a new wave of leaders that believe in standing up to might, and taking time to understand and respect each other


This is an ongoing effort to foster power and momentum around this approach to making an impact. Please join our voices in demonstrating that standing up to might, and taking time to understand and respect each other, can be a successful style of leadership.

Every day is a new beginning. What rises in place of all the ugliness being shed can be whatever we make it to be! 


This project relied and continues to rely on the skills and volunteer efforts of a talented team.


Keziban Barry
Director of #IRESOLVE films

Subodh Samudre
Photographer of #IRESOLVE portraits
Creative Director of set concept

Sarah Farrand
Executive Producer

Leah Bradley
Event/Experiential Producer

Trice Capobianchi
Set Design & Production



Jen Hays
Creative Director
CoFounder of The Broad Exchange

Ashley Davidson
Creative Director
CoFounder of The Broad Exchange

Adrianna Merlucci


Nylon Studios
Original Music

Jesse Watt


Press Kitchen
Public Relations

Anthony Vagnoni
Communications Specialist

Elizabeth Nesmith

Jade White
Studio Manager, Event Coordinator

Karleah Del Moral
Camera Operator

Michelle Capobianco
Production Assistant

Reggie Chelsom
Production Assistant


Fati Jafri
Event Greeter
I RESOLVE Small Group Leader

Tasha Cronin
I RESOLVE Small Group Leader

Jamie Bendell
I RESOLVE Small Group Leader

Lauren Budzichowski
I RESOLVE Small Group Leader

Seth Hosko
Event Photographer

Blonde + Co
Studio Space