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Stay in the know for events that we host in your area and get an occasional rundown of the happenings in our community. We're doing some exciting stuff and this is the easiest way to up to date on our happenings. 



There's nothing like hanging out in person. Each event is designed to support turning talk into action – no matter how small that action might be. It could be a big world change or a tiny shift in perspective. We host a range of types of events from intimate dinners to larger events with speakers, panels and activities that get your thinking and allow face to face interaction. And many of them take place in our member's homes, and offices. If you're interested in hosting an event, let us know. 



Our mantra is More Talk. More Action. Which means a lot of our events and discussions will turn into real impact in the world and stories worth sharing. Among the content you'll find think pieces on topics of interest and interviews with some of the amazing women in our network that help amplify their work. And in the spirit of "exchange" we like to invite members to contribute stories, think pieces, and articles they've written. Email us if you'd like to contribute.



The value of meeting in person is incredible. If you'd like to have a physical chapter in your city where members can gather and connect in real time, we want to help. So hit us up and learn how you can create your own physical chapter and start hosting your own events. We currently have a chapter in New York, and are kicking off chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit in early 2019.



If you have any artwork, quotes, photos or videos that align with our mission and content please DM them to us with credits of the artist/creators for a chance to have it featured in our feed. Afterall, the stories we share are from all of us.